Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glenn Beck is a certified lunatic

Watch this video of Glenn Beck nodding in agreement with a guest that the only thing that can save the country now from illegal immigration is if Osama bin Laden detonates a weapon here, because it will wake up a grassroots effort.

I don't usually comment on issues like this, preferring to stick closer to home, and I usually don't care too much about the rants of Beck, Savage, et al., which seem to me for the most part directed toward such an extreme corner of America's political spectrum that it serves more as a source of amusement than as having a serious effect upon any meaningful political debate in the country.

But once in a while they do something that reminds me how truly f*cked up they are, and this is such a case. After this, I really do not know how Fox News can continue to provide this lunatic with a platform. It is not a question of free speech -- Beck is free to say what he wants -- it is a question of judgment whether a private business ought to provide him with a megaphone to, for all intents and purposes, advocate an attack upon the United States of America.

If this is not over the line, I am not sure what is.

h/t - Blue Virgina


  1. Glenn Beck's advertisers need to be targeted. That's our exercise of free speech. He's basically calling for a Reichstag fire, with massive loss of life. Some patriot.

  2. It is clear as day that Fox News fully supports all who hate President Obama. Flaming idiots like Beck, Savage, Limbaugh, Hannity, and a few well known females are actually perpetuating the murder of this President simply because they cannot bear having a black man lead this country. This so- called uproar about the democracy of this country, the state of our economy, arguments of the payments of taxes fifty years from now is just a smoke screen. The Bigots and the Idiots have a real forum now, "Fox News". The moderate and clear thinking people should be aware that this is only giving fuel to those true bigots who will attempt an assasination of the leader of this country, as nothing infuriates them more than having a black man, the object of their hate, lead this country, the country that they proclaim to love. Then, you have the idiots, who don't know when their asses are being kicked, or who is doing the kicking. The Town Meetings is the best illustration of fire breathing idiots objecting to clear information, but when asked what part of the message was not clear, or what is thier objection, they continue to froth at the mouth, but cannot state any logical reason for thier objection or outburst. The well paid clowns at Fox News, with a few exceptions play a very big role in this continuing degradation. I agree that advertisers need to be targeted,as that's the most effective way to send Mr. Murdock a message.