Monday, November 2, 2009

Of course the polls are right - Just ask President Dewey...or Joe Abbey

Just back from the campaign rally in C'ville. Lots of energy, and a steadfast belief that this election is still in the hands of the voters, not the pundits or pollsters.

According to Joe Abbey, the polls are severely undercounting potential Democratic, and if we "get to the polls, we can yet do a Dewey beats Truman in this race."

We'll see what happens tomorrow, but I continue to believe that Virginians do not want to go backwards, and do not want Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli, and the cultural, social and economic regression that they represent, running the Commonwealth. As a result, I continue to believe that there is potential for a last-minute voter surge that the polls are not seeing.

I spoke with a local political observer/blogger at the rally, and asked what he thought about the polls. He was fairly confident that Creigh would do better than the polls were predicting, and he made the point that given the registration surge in 2008, there are enough Democratic voters who may be under the radar to stage an upset.

Every vote will count.


  1. Did Joe really reverse what happened in '48? That's embarrassing

  2. No. I think he was referencing the famous headline.

  3. Joe Abbey is an idiot.

  4. Usually I don't respond to comments like this, but obviously Joe is trying to make a point on the eve of an election in which polls say his candidate has no chance of winning. So, take the point, or don't take the point, but he is obviously doing his job.

    He's not apundit analyzing the race, but a manager and advocate identifying and defining the path to victory.

  5. Obama's idiotology is going to make him a one term prez. And tonight will prove it. Democrats are delusional. There sheep are retarted and think they are going to get free money they think they want pay for. Thats funny. Democrats your chickens are coming home to roost.

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    Obama is a worst president than bush and carter together.

  6. Will Obama make is sheep economic slaves?
    Yes he will!
    Will Obamacare be rationed? Yes it will

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  7. The election didn't work out quite like ya wanted, eh Zimmerman?

    You aren't even a Virginian, jackass. Just some balding swine from Noo Yawk. Your arrogance in tandem with your ignorance results in one desperately insecure little man.

    Fuck you.

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  11. Tsk, tsk. Little Allen Zimmerman and his modest rhetorical exertions.

    For all his flailing about, flapping his arms like a histrionic chicken, he fails to make a single cogent point.

    If failure is not an option, you;ve run out of choices, wee lad.

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  14. Happy to interrupt the F-fest...

    I am tired of apologists for this pro-Wall Street, dysfunctional White House blaming Deeds for the down-ballot losses in Va.

    Couldn't help but notice that both Creigh and Corzine hovered around 40% of the vote.

    That would be roughly the same % that agrees with Obama Admin's dubious policy initiatives--not the much ballyhooed politically correct/reverse racism 58% polled who "approve the President's performance."

    Voters detest the leaders of both parties. And Dems are now viewed as the "in" party and took the brunt--except in NY CD 23...