Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Republicans explain why Creigh scares them the most, Moran the least

Blue Virginia has a post up knocking down the idiotic idea that Creigh may be dropping out of the race. Lowell traced the story back to a story at Bearing Drift that read as follows:

Last night at their Richmond office kick off, Jody Wagner staffers told Bearing Drift that Creigh Deeds was withdrawing from the Democratic race for Governor. Coming from the front runner for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor that’s a big blow for Deeds who is currently polling third in the race behind Brian Moran and Terry McAulliffe.

There is no truth to it whatsoever. Why on Earth would Creigh drop out right before five debates that will arguably decide the race? Obviously, there is no reason. The real mystery here is why "staffers" (note, not just one person without a clue) for Jody Wagner would seek to spread such an obviously false story.

But as I followed Lowell's links to read the source material for myself, what really caught my attention were the comments to the Brearing Drift post from Republican readers. Recently, I saw an article somewhere that reported on the fears of Republican operatives of a McAuliffe candidacy in the Fall. Being professionals, their reason was his fundraising prowess. Not a single operative said he or she feared Brian Moran. Several feared Creigh because of his ability to appeal to independents, moderates and disaffected Republicans.

The comments to this story at Bearing Drift seem to bear that out.

Here are the comments on point:

This [Deeds dropping out] would be great for us [Republicans], as Deeds is the only Democrat that could pull significant Republican voters away from McDonnell. Moran and McAuliffe are both way too far to the left.

* * * * * * *
In a perfect GOP world Creigh, Brian and Terry would fight tooth and nails for the nomination. In the process slinging mud at each other. They would all make it to the primary. Brian would win. Their respective supporters would stay divided and Bob would become the 71st Gov of the Commonwealth.

* * * * * * *
Look... I REALLY dislike Bob McDonnell. I sure don’t want to vote for him.
However, Brian Moran is a far lefty. He is also a big time enviornmentalist. I know that plays well with you and Eileen but, to me that is too much to ignore and vote for the guy. Understandably, he’s a favorite in the left of center crowd and Sierra Club democrats.
Terry McAwful has the money. That’s his advantage. His DNC partisanship coupled with his “carpet bagger” status however, will be enough to energize Republicans that are soft on McDonnell. They’ll hold their noses and vote for Bob “one gun a month” McDonnell. Some but, not all.


You guys can try to paint Moran as conservative all you want. It will be just too damn easy to destroy that facade with Moran’s record and the enviornmentalist agenda he has. What you like about Moran, really is a turn off to us. I couldn’t vote for him.
You have disaffected people that really are upset with McDonnell. I would suggest you’d listen but, the Moran colored glasses you’re wearing won’t let you see that. Or will you be objective and see it for what it really is?

Joel McDonald, of VBDems, who recently published a call for Creigh to leave the race and throw his support to Brian Moran across the Progressive Blogoshere, posted several comments arguing that the recent PPP poll showed Brian Moran had the most GOP support, but (at the risk of mixing metaphors), in the lion's den that sort of argument could not gain any traction whatsoever.

From their own mouths, on their own blog, the Commonwealth's Republicans tell us to give them a candidate for which they, too, can vote. As split as we are, Republicans are moreso. Are we going to throw this opportunity away?

Creigh is the clear path to a victory in November. He is the logical heir to Mark Warner and Tim Kaine in helping establish Democratic dominance in the Old Dominion, and adding to the foundation begun by our previous two governors, brick by brick, for enduring Progressive policies and a generation-long Prgressive majority to advance the Commonwealth.


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  2. Thank you, Jason, for pointing that out. Because I was focused on another aspect of the post, if I left the impression that Bearing Drift did a poor job of reporting, I apologize. Nothing could be further from the truth. From what I could tell, the site handled the matter fairly and accurately.