Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why the Moran campaign alienates so many

Over at Raising Moran, eileen has a post up entitled "More Women Bloggers 4 Brian Moran." In it, she proudly announces, among other things, "Howling Latina lets her no-holds-bar style loose in support of Brian Moran too! Gotta love it," linking to a post that states the following:
First, a message to the state senator from Bath County via the howler. She wants you to quit filling her inbox with campaign drivel and span; nothing you can ever say will convince her to campaign or vote for you. She's just not that into you; maybe it's all those anti-drug laws you tout on your Web site.

Besides, you are a loser. You lost your campaign for lieutenant governor and you lost your campaign for attorney general. Don't you think you should first prove you can win statewide before you ask for a promotion?? Just asking...

Is this really the rhetoric that Brian Moran's campaign wants to be touting? Creigh Deeds is a loser? It is nonsense like this that simply turns so many people off to the Moran candidacy.

And just to be clear, the problem here is not Howling Latina's opinion (although see comments, below). The question is whether, by approvingly citing this post on a semi-official campaign site, the Moran campaign is endorsing language like this.

Also, I ask, do you really "gotta love it" when someone calls a dedicated and loyal Democrat who has served the people of Virginia and fought for Progressive causes for more than 20 years a "loser"? Exactly who is persuaded by this dreck?

No, I don't love it.

Howling Latina's comments, besides being nasty to no apparent purpose, simply have no factual basis. Anyone with a passing familiarity with Virginia history would know that Creigh's "loss" to McDonnell in 2005 by 300 votes out of 1.7 million cast is hardly the performance of a "loser." In fact, it was the best performance by a Democrat running for Attorney General since Mary Sue Terry in 1989.

As for that election that Creigh lost for Lt. Governor, well, I'm relatively new to Virginia politics, so I readily admit that perhaps Creigh ran for this office at some point in the past and I'm unaware of it.

But my favorite part of the post is this gem:
Don't you [Creigh] think you should first prove you can win statewide before you ask for a promotion?? Just asking...

Uh, okay. Well, what's good for the goose... So, I'm "just asking" the same question of Brian Moran.


  1. Richmond Democrat ( on Howling Latina getting kicked off LeftyBlogs and a bunch of other progressive blogs.

    "I removed Howling Latina from my blogroll some weeks ago, but I still hoped that she would re-examine her behavior. It's become clear to me now that she can no longer participate constructively in Democratic politics, and for that reason I am also permanently removing Mimi Schaeffer, aka "Howling Latina" from my blogroll, never to return under any circumstances.

    Some additional thoughts:

    I don’t pretend to know why Mimi Schaeffer felt obligated to burn her bridges once Hillary Clinton lost the nomination, but she did. Mimi has repeatedly attacked and insulted every supporter of Barack Obama. That was her choice. She has done everything she can do to offend, and she finally succeeded."

  2. Classic Howling Latina comments.

    "As a staunch Hillary supporter, the howler will send an unmistakably loud and clear message to Dean, Brazille and other party bosses: even though the howler has voted for every Democfatic presidential candidate her entire life, her vote must never be taken for granted. IF, and that's a big IF, she can't stomach voting for McSame, she'll either vote for Libertarian Bob Barr or Green Cynthia McKinney. Barack Obama will not be getting the howler's vote in November. You can take that to the bank."

    "All that fealty to President-elect Obama did not save Howard Dean from getting the ax. The moral of the story?? Boot-licking and past devotion mean absolutely nothing to the new president."

    "All those people who've been griping and bemoaning Hillary Clinton's ball-busting prowess, get ready to hit the mat.

    Oh what irony to witness them pick a dominatrix as First Lady, all nice and secretive behind the scenes, just like Dick Cheney.

    Get your new and improved nutcracker, folks, courtesy of the Big Boyz and MSNBO. Are we all having a good cry yet...?!?"

  3. Hey, Eileen wasn't the only one who liked my post; the Washington Post linked to it.

    You really need to get over yourself...

  4. The Moran campaign continues to stock up with Obama haters and mud slingers. Great stuff.

  5. Oh, well if the Washingotn Post linked to it, it must be ok. What was I thinking?

  6. Jerome Armstrong recently pointed people to a Republican blog that was ripping McAuliffe. Now Eileen links to a PUMA insulting Deeds.

    Classy as always.

  7. The Moran campaign has absolutely no shame, will do or say anything to get their guy elected.

  8. Yeah, as the outfit that hired Ben Domenech the Washington Post is a real authority on blogging. Of course, they give left bloggers equal time and who wouldn't jump at the chance to send their kid to this woman's house for a play date?

    Seriously. Take some time to **read** the WAPO. They have an article about the real world and people's real concerns right here.

    That's what it's like for many of Virginians right now. Tom Perriello had an online town hall with thousands of participants last Thursday. He took 10 or 20 questions and every single one of those question was about the economy.

    Deeds gets this and the more bloggers act like an incestuous bunch of mandarins or horse show groupies the more we can look forward to a Republican governor.

  9. In other news... Creigh Deeds has never run for Lt. Governor...

  10. If Howling Latina is for it, I'm against it.

    Meanwhile, does anybody know what Bob McDonnell is up to?