Monday, May 18, 2009

Creigh's Smarter Energy Plan

See it here:

Smarter Energy
Better Jobs
Greener Virginia

Probably wont satisfy many, what with a determination to pursue clean coal technologies and engage in off-shore exploration if certain conditions are met, but to my eyes, it seems like a common sense plan that balances the competitng demands of today's economy with tomorrow's environmental realities. The plan promotes efficiency, which has immediate benefits, and dovetails with the state's economic development and transportation needs in terms of alternative energy development and research.

This plan leads us to the right place -- an economically secure and enviomentally clean future -- in a sensible and responsible manner that can draw the support of many people from different regions, different backgrounds and different economic cicumstances, that is needed if it is to work, so it has the virtue of not only being well thought-out, but also capable of being enacted and successfully implemented.

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  1. I think people are starting to realize that Creigh knows what needs to be done to fight for Virginians.

    I got back from the last debate a while ago and I thought Creigh gave Brian and Terry a whooping. Check out my take on the debate on my new blog Common Sense for Virginia (no relation to 'Common Sense Virginia' which is running ads against Bob McDonnell) at