Monday, May 4, 2009

PPP Poll Preview: Many still undecided, but a front-runner emerging

PPP Virgina Governor's poll will be out tomorrow. Meanwhile, up on their blog, they offer the following tease:
36% of respondents said they were undecided. And among the 64% who have a candidate right now 41% say they could still change their minds between now and the primary.

That leaves 62% of the electorate undecided or malleable.

But there's definitely a front runner emerging- and he also has the most solid support.

Based on a blog post they put out a few days ago in response to the SUSA poll, I'd have to guess that is Terry McAuliffe emerging as the frontrunner. This is what they said on May 1:
The thing that surprised me most in the SUSA numbers was only 18% of the electorate being undecided. We've already started our poll and continue to find it more around 40%.


We do join them in seeing movement toward Terry McAuliffe so far although I don't know if we're seeing quite the magnitude of that they did.

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