Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Virginia Democrat issues press release on Gubernatorial primary

I have watched with a mixture of amusement, awe and jealousy in recent weeks as bloggers in the Commonwealth have dramatically announced their endorsements and choices for Governor among Creigh, Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe.

I already support Creigh, so a similar kind of endorsement would be pointless, unless, of course, it was for one of the other candidates. I toyed with the idea of doing this for a while just to make some news, until I realized that no one really cares what I do at this blog, and such a move would be unlikely to create any news.

With that in mind, I have nonetheless decided to issue the following press release:


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA/May 30 -- The Virginia Democrat announced today that Creigh Deeds has unanimously won the Jonah Straw Poll.

This is the first year the poll was conducted. The final vote was:

Deeds – 1
McAuliffe – 0
Moran – 0

“The low numbers should in no way affect the validity or significance of this victory for Creigh,” said Alan Zimmerman, a/k/a “aznew,” the proprietor of the recently launched blog, The Virginia Democrat, and official sponsor of the poll. “After all, the very nature of the straw poll itself is that it has one participant, my son Jonah, so turnout was actually 100%.”

Jonah spoke with both Terry McAuliffe and Deeds personally before casting his vote, Zimmerman said.

In explaining his choice of Deeds, Jonah said, “Well, he’s the more handsomest, even though he’s a boy and I’m a boy, so that might sound funny.”

This latest victory is the most recent piece of good news for the State Senator, who last week scored two other important endorsements in the Northern Virginia area, those of The Washington Post and former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne.

Deeds may have been able to talk freely about those endorsements, but its not everyday you win the Jonah Straw Poll, and the magnitude of it left Deeds virtually speechless.

Told about his victory in the poll and the reason for it, Deeds looked a little embarrassed and said, “Aw.”

Deeds’ campaign manager Joe Abbey could not be reached for comment, but if he had been reached and asked to analyze the political importance of the victory, he would have said, “The importance of this straw poll win cannot be under-estimated. As far as I know, Jonah has never picked wrong.

"Other candidates can make endorsement videos with bloggers all they want, but I’ll take this any day of the week."

CONTACT: The Virginia Democrat,

Editor’s note: Jonah photograph follows

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  1. Time for a recount.

  2. Ha. Boies and Ted Olson are busy with other things, now.