Saturday, June 6, 2009

The 2009 Netroots Surrogate Debate

The blog Common Sense for Virginia has set up what promises to be an interesting debate among blogosphere supporters of the Democratic Gubernatorial candidates ahead of Tuesday's election: Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia, Carla Ward, who is Catzmaw over at Blue Commonwealth and Waldo Janquith, Virginia's very own blogfather. Lowell, of course, has been supporting Terry McAuliffe, Carla has been a strong advocate for Brian Moran (not to mention a pain in my butt quite a bit - :)) and Waldo, of course, in his low-key, but devastatingly effective way has been supporting Creigh.

Congrats to CSFV for getting this creative debate organized.

Here is CSFV's announcement. Questions can be left there, but if you submit questions below, I will happily pass them on.
It is Common Sense for Virginia's pleasure to announce our first major event as a blog. As the clock winds down to the Democrats' June 09 primary, many voters/bloggers are anxious to see some more arguments between the campaigns regarding everything from negative ads, to electability, to which endorsements help/hurt. As such, it seemed only fitting to host 1 final debate.

Common Sense for Virginia is excited to host the 2009 NetRoots Surrogate Debate with 3 experienced bloggers from different aspects of the Virginia blogging scene to represent each of the candidates. CSFVA is pleased to announce that Lowell Feld of Blue Virginia, Waldo Jaquith and Carla Ward of Catzmaw will be participating in this debate representing Terry McAuliffe, Creigh Deeds, and Brian Moran respectively. (Lowell's for Terry, Waldo for Creigh, Carla for Brian)

The debate is scheduled for 7:30PM on Sunday June 7, 2009 and you can submit the questions for the NetRoots debate. Either submit here in the comments section or email them to including you city, state (if other than Va) and then your question to this surrogate debate. We only about 50 hours to make this last debate count! Submit your questions and watch the debate right here on Common Sense for Virginia (in the comments section of a blog post) between 7:30PM and until we're satisfied that we've had a thorough, intellectual discussion.

It's been an exciting primary season, and as it draws to an end, let's end it with a bang!

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