Tuesday, June 23, 2009

McDonnell's Social Agenda: Run Away! Run Away!

In a post today, Conservative blog Bearing Drift was discussing a fund-raising e-mail from the Deeds campaign, in the process of which it claims the e-mail uses "the same tired rhetoric about McDonnell’s 'extreme social and economic agenda' (you mean the one that wants to create jobs, stimulate the economy, and keep taxes low?)"

Now, I don't work for the Deeds campaign, and am not certain what his campaign meant in this particular e-mail, but Bearing Drift's Mr. Hoeft, who wrote the post, is obviously smart enough to know that creating jobs, stimulating the economy and keeping taxes low are, at best, goals we all share, and at worst, meaningless political bromides intended to masquerade a candidates real policies.

That said, perhaps the "extreme social and economic agenda" to which the e-mail refers is one that, given its druthers, would outlaw all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest, and even if the life of the mother is in danger; one that would leave in place outlawed gay marriage and civil unions; one that would deny gay people the right to become judges, and presumably other professions as well, on the grounds that they may have violated an anti-sodomy statute; one that rejected $125 million in federal aid for Virginia's unemployed on the grounds that it offended some debatable legal interpretation of state sovereignty.

But truth be told, all that is beside the point. What I don't understand is why Mr. McDonnell and his supporters seem to be running away from his extremely Conservative social positions.

Strange. It's like they are trying to keep this part of Mr. McDonnell's record from the voters. I wonder why?

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