Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gunning for Creigh - McAuliffe and Moran Toss the Hail Mary

There are two worthwhile things to note about the furious push on now in Northern Virginia to paint Creigh as an extremist on guns.

1. Neither McAuliffe nor Moran, apparently, are thinking past Tuesday at this point. Should either of them pull it out in the primary, their trashing of Creigh for his principled adherence to the Second Amendment, even though it resulted in policies with which the disagreed, will come back to haunt them. It didn't have to be this way. Guns would not be an issue in this campaign, except for the fact that Moran and Mcauliffe have now made it one should either of them win. Democrats come out on the shortside of that debate in a general election.

2. The battle is being fought against Creigh in NoVA. Moran and McAuliffe are playing defense on their home turf, while Creigh is on offense. I suspect that neither campaign figured Creigh to ever become a factor up there -- they thought they'd be fighting each other for NoVA votes. This speaks volumes about where this race is heading.

Actually, there are probably more than two items worthy of note, but it was all my limited brain could come up with right now. In any event, it adds up to desperation time.

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