Saturday, June 27, 2009

House of Delegates '09 - Shannon Valentine Kicks Off Re-Election Bid (23rd District)

Courtesy of Off K Street, Shannon Valentine kicks off her re-election campaign.

An excerpt:

Whenever you say Lynchburg and Democrat, most people think you're joking. The Democratic House of Delegate member from District 23 is no joke. In a part of the state where Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church are the 800 Lb gorilla in the room and the surrounding areas are all represented by Republicans and two "Independents" (Watkins Abbitt I-Appomattox and Lacy Putney I-Bedford), Delegate Shannon Valentine is the only member of the Lynchburg area delegation that demonstrates any understanding of social and economic justice and how issues directly affect people from their doorstep to the curb.

It's an excellent post with plenty of good pics.

(Note: I will be trying between now and election day to highlight good blog posts containing news about House of Delegates campaigns, in order to hammer home that retaking the HoD is of statewide importance. This is the first such post on my part.)

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