Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Live Blogging Deeds Bash In C'ville

I'm going to try to live blog the Deeds party at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville. No promises, though. I've never live blogged before, and although I've earned a living for more than 25 years writing, I am an abysmal typist.

Right now, I'm at Escafe, a bar next to the Omni. It large doors are open, tot he pedestrial mall here in Charlottesville, and a thunderstorm is passing through. It's all actually pretty neat. I don't hang out here at all, but this is the first time I've ever been here (a) this early; and (2) sober. As I'm my second beer (one at home, one here), I mnight correct that before this evening is done.

And, in honor or Creigh, Wallflowers playing in the background. Sixth Avenue Heartache.

It was pretty quiet over at the Omni. A few MSM types hanging around the lobby wagging their huge telephoto lenses around. Some kind of old folks dinner going on in the lobby, and a lot of bored hotel workers milling about.

I'm trying to make contact with a Deeds staffer who camera died last night at the rally. I loaned her mine, and hope I can get it back so I can take a few hundred awful, out of focus photographs.

More later.

7:02 - Sh*t - polls closed while I was typing that drivel. Packing up now, paying tab...

7:31 - Finally set up in media room. Wireless working great. Sitting next to Eric, a really nice guy, from the Roanoke Times -- helped me get set up.

Still haven't found my camera.

Creigh up in suite practicing speech, I'm told.

7:46 - Looks like it will be an early night. Everyone feeling really good here. Saw James Martin, pretty happy, on the phone out in the lobby.

Spoke with Del. Dave Toscano. Asked what he's thinking aboutgoing forward. "One election at a time," he says, but he's smiling.

Also chatted with Dave Norris, Charlottesville's mayor and one of the best progressives you ever want to meet.

7:48 - Still can't find Kate with my camera. Aaargh.

8:14 - Creigh speaking soon. Finally got camera. Shooting in B/W tonight. Hockey on tv in press room.

8:29 Dave Toscano says Brian and Terry have called Creigh. Also intimates someone bigger than that has also. Hmmm....

Creigh set to speak a little before 9. Got a Bud from the bar set up in the press area. $6.

9:00 Tom Perriello next, then Creigh.

Had a great talk with E.J. Dionne (sp?), the best Progressive columnist in America, and, I found out, a Hell of a nice guy. He asked my opinion of the race -- that was weird.

Headed back to ballroom to find a perch for picture-taking.

9:29 - Back in the press room. I was kneeling down next tot he stage trying to find a place to shoot pics from, apparently right in the path Creigh was going to use to the stage. Peter Jackson shouts in my ear, "I need you out of here NOW!" and there was Creigh, on his way to the stage.

The MSM will report on the speech. He seemed to get a little teary talking about him family -- his mother, specifically, and whether she could imagine her son being nominated to run for Governor.

Creigh's about to come in press room. No pictures. One reporter tells Jackson, "You guys are getting a little uppity." (It was clearly mean as a joke).

Also, looking over my pictures. I am one poor photographer, but hopefully I'll have one or two good enough to post tomorrow.

Joe Abbey out in the lobby looks lost. He has no one to kill this evening.

9:39 - waiting for Creigh. I think I'll get another beer to kill the time.

9:51 - Still waiting. Eric, sitting next to me, from the Roanoke Times, is processing his photos from Creigh's speech. He's a pretty good photographer. I am jealous.

9:56 - finishing beer. tired. going home.


  1. Is Deedsforvirginia offering a live feed? Or anyone for that matter? I really want to see Terry McAuliffe's concession speech though. Will the final comparison of McAuliffe to Dean be complete? (YEAAAH!!!!!)

  2. Great coverage of the race this spring, Alan. Much like the candidate you endorsed, you were always above the fray, but still managed to set the record straight and clarify why Deeds was deserving of our support. Have fun tonight and get a cab!

  3. Does Dionne live in the Cville area?

  4. Va Breeze - Not from C'ville. I presume he's from D.C.

  5. E.J. Dionne is one of my heroes - I used to read him many years ago when he worked for the NYT, which was back in the early 80s.

    Again, congrats on your candidate's win - it was a great night and I look forward to supporting and volunteering for the Deeds' campaign :)

  6. AIAW - Agreed. While the night was all about Creigh, to allow myself a moment, having the chance to talk with Dionne was a definite highlight of my evening.