Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Joe Abbey: We're very confident. Still working hard for every last vote

Just off a quick conference call with Joe Abbey, Creigh's campaign manager.

Won't even attempt to put it into prose. Here were his main points:

- Having a great election day.

- We have not seen anything over the last 24 hours to contradict what we have seen in recent polls.

- We had a huge surge in volunteers

- Big increase in donations

- Seeing incredible energy and excitement

- Only thing that has changed in the last 24 hours is Terry Mcauliffe's tone and the attitude of his campaign. Before, he talked about himself. Now, he just wants to talk about Creigh.

- Mentioned the internal poll put out by the McAuliffe camp showing a dead heat between Creigh and McAuliffe. Sample size was only 200. Pollster wouldn't even allow his name on it. "I'm surprised they got the results out of Montana so quickly."

- We feel very good about our position.

- Turnout in C'ville very hight

- Turnout in the valley is very high

- Happy about what we're seeing in Richmond/Tidewater

- Think statewide turnout will be 5-6%

- Weather affected NoVA early, but after that, not too much.

- Surveying C'ville and environs, turnout already exceeds 2006.

- Very confident. Working hard for every last vote.


  1. Marsha in Central VAJune 9, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    Eastern Goochland is at 6 percent turnout as of 5:00 pm, per registrar. My husband was #221 out of 3800 registered voters, and that is before the numbers after work. We both voted Deeds. This is a conservative county. I feel good that Deeds posted strongly here and elsewhere downstate and out west. Any word or feeling for NOVA?

  2. C'ville turnout is hight? Do you mean high or light

  3. Re: turnout in NoVA - No idea. I've been reading tweets and websites all day, but can't really get a feel. Also, feels like there is plenty of misinformation out there as campaigns are trying to get voters to the polls. That should end now.