Sunday, June 7, 2009

PPP Poll Preview: Almost All Undecideds Moving In Same Direction

Last night and this morning brought two posts on the PPP blog. The first is very interesting.

Last night, Tom Jensen, PPP's communications director, wrote:
Looks like a tight race in Virginia...for second place. The undecideds seem to almost all be moving in the same direction. ... But it doesn't look like things are going to be as close on Tuesday as the polling in the last week suggested.

Take your pick about who is out in front (you know who I think it is).

This morning, Tom said they would try to get the results out between 10 and 11 tonight.


  1. Some guy at Blue Commonwealth is claiming that he has information that Deeds opened up a 10 pt. lead:

  2. I saw that. Maybe he has the results already. On the other hand, he has made other assertions without much factual basis, like his assertion thatCreigh has no NoVA staff based on a discussion with an unidenfied staffer at a JJ dinner (which one).

    So, he/she may very well be right, but I try to stick to more factual stuff.